Who is this Maohaus?

I'm John Sunderland, Creative Director of Maohaus Studios in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. I have over twenty years of experience in graphic design and lately I've been setting my sights on web design ninja-hood. I'm a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design Certificate Program in Web Design and Development.

I also work at RISD as a Technical Assistant in the Graphic Design Department, supporting a curriculum which involves both the latest digital design technology and a traditional letterpress studio (which is where the wood type displayed on this site can be found).

Check out my music, photography and comix pages.

What is this Maohaus?

Maohaus Studios started life as a recording studio and has since grown to include all types of multimedia: print, web, video, audio and 3D.

Any resemblance to the former leader of Red China is purely accidental.